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A Perfect 3 Day Itinerary To Fall In Love With Stockholm

Have you ever thought about an upcoming trip and wished that someone else would just put together a perfect itinerary? Well I have.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing makes me happier or as giddy as the thought of getting on a plane and soaring off to vacation. However, the idea of not having enough time to soak up the sites, the shopping, and the experience on a trip- really overwhelms me. And this time I was traveling with my sister who would be experiencing her first trip to Europe so I wanted the time to be optimal. This September we headed for Scandinavia! Sweden to be exact!  Continue reading A Perfect 3 Day Itinerary To Fall In Love With Stockholm

The Only Carry-On Luggage To Travel With

At this point in my traveling career, I’ve learned a lot about how to pack more efficiently and more importantly – what type of carry-on luggage I’ll be traveling with.  I wanted something easy, efficient, and stylish this time around. Luckily I was able to find my perfect carry-on luggage for my trip to Sweden.

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One Skin Care Line To Pack This Summer

Summer Skin Care Hot Off The Press!

Are you a summer baby? Well as a summer baby myself and one born in the midst of the hottest time of the year— I thought I’d mention a skin care brand I’ve been loving recently and the only one I’ll be packing this summer!

I think I might’ve been really late to the game when it came to trying out products from Laneige. I remember noticing the hype around Korean beauty brands years back and Laneige was one of those brands that made its way onto the international market and hit Target and eventually Sephora. And in case you didn’t know it’s owned by the luxury skin care line Amore Pacific. I’ll take that as a win i the  affordable luxury skin care department!

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My Top 5 Skin Care Favorites

Hot Summer Days & My Top 5 Favorites To Hydrate My Skin


Summer is here and they aren’t what they use to be. And by that I mean they’re only getting hotter which means my skin will be extra dehydrated. So it’s right about this time that I’m usually looking for new hydrating products to use. Luckily I have my Top 5 favorite skin care products to share with you. If you’ve got combination dry/oily and tend to lean more on the dry side— then you’ll appreciate these products.

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4 Hydrating Hair Products You Need In your Shower This Summer

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


I don’t know about you, but somehow summer has snuck up from behind the clouds. Suddenly it feels like the summer heat is here and I’m in need of a major thirst quencher—for my hair! Summer is the best time to switch it up so here are my 4 hydrating hair products I think you should have in your shower this summer. Continue reading 4 Hydrating Hair Products You Need In your Shower This Summer

Easy Last Minute Mother’s Day Themed Brunch

Forever Mood: Last Minute Panic


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d share an easy  Mother’s Day themed brunch for a last minute DIY favorite. This is especially great for when your reservation for a swanky brunch falls through last minute.  Luckily, my mother’s birthday is a week before Mother’s Day. So this past weekend I was able to put my creative and impromptu skills to the test. Continue reading Easy Last Minute Mother’s Day Themed Brunch

Just Browsin’ Brow Product

I’ve been a user of micro brow product for years, and I mean years! I oscillated between the Sephora brand which was always my affordable pencil—and the Clinique micro brow pencil which quickly became my holy grail brow product. Then a new brand was in town— Anastiasa Beverly Hills, and now I had a third, pricier brow product in the rotation. Continue reading Just Browsin’ Brow Product