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A Perfect 3 Day Itinerary To Fall In Love With Stockholm

Have you ever thought about an upcoming trip and wished that someone else would just put together a perfect itinerary? Well I have.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing makes me happier or as giddy as the thought of getting on a plane and soaring off to vacation. However, the idea of not having enough time to soak up the sites, the shopping, and the experience on a trip- really overwhelms me. And this time I was traveling with my sister who would be experiencing her first trip to Europe so I wanted the time to be optimal. This September we headed for Scandinavia! Sweden to be exact!  Continue reading A Perfect 3 Day Itinerary To Fall In Love With Stockholm

The Only Carry-On Luggage To Travel With

At this point in my traveling career, I’ve learned a lot about how to pack more efficiently and more importantly – what type of carry-on luggage I’ll be traveling with.  I wanted something easy, efficient, and stylish this time around. Luckily I was able to find my perfect carry-on luggage for my trip to Sweden.

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One Skin Care Line To Pack This Summer

Summer Skin Care Hot Off The Press!

Are you a summer baby? Well as a summer baby myself and one born in the midst of the hottest time of the year— I thought I’d mention a skin care brand I’ve been loving recently and the only one I’ll be packing this summer!

I think I might’ve been really late to the game when it came to trying out products from Laneige. I remember noticing the hype around Korean beauty brands years back and Laneige was one of those brands that made its way onto the international market and hit Target and eventually Sephora. And in case you didn’t know it’s owned by the luxury skin care line Amore Pacific. I’ll take that as a win i the  affordable luxury skin care department!

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Skin Care Essentials


For a while I had a pretty good and solid skin care regimen. Trusted. No fuss. Always handy in my arsenal. But just like everything else I love–those products were discontinued. So while I’m always trying new products, there are definitely things I consider staples no matter what the brand and skin care essentials I absolutely can’t live without. Usually these are what I take with me on my weekends living out of a bag. Top two musts are a moisturizer and definitely something with SPF coverage.

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Travel Essentials

As far as I can remember I have always been a light traveler. The idea of being able to pack all of the essentials and the necessities into one bag and hitting the road had always appealed to me for some reason. I mean the entirety of my four years in college fit inside of a weekend carry-on suitcase. I know that’s pretty ridiculous even when I think about it. Technically I also had an air mattress along with that weekend suitcase if that makes me sound less crazy.

Yes I am a girl and I love girly things, but I can’t help it I don’t like the difficulty of packing too damn much. I guess it sort of makes sense that packing light is a characteristic of mine because I have also always been a lover of “multi-purpose” things. So I guess when traveling the two most important aspects about my packing strategy usually have to do with these two things. Packing lightly, and packing multi-purpose items. If I can help it, I mean come on I’m still a girl and sometimes I need options.