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A Perfect 3 Day Itinerary To Fall In Love With Stockholm

Have you ever thought about an upcoming trip and wished that someone else would just put together a perfect itinerary? Well I have.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing makes me happier or as giddy as the thought of getting on a plane and soaring off to vacation. However, the idea of not having enough time to soak up the sites, the shopping, and the experience on a trip- really overwhelms me. And this time I was traveling with my sister who would be experiencing her first trip to Europe so I wanted the time to be optimal. This September we headed for Scandinavia! Sweden to be exact!  Continue reading A Perfect 3 Day Itinerary To Fall In Love With Stockholm

Travel Diary- Entry #3

I’m in Siena with the last twenty euros in cash to get me to my hotel. Awesome. I'm here, my program starts in a couple of days I just need to figure out where my hotel is. Having asked that cute French couple at the station for some help as to where I was going— they said my hotel was located on the outskirts of Siena and that would take about an additional half hour. Great. I only had 20 euros for Christ sake! There was no way I could afford a half hour taxi ride. Continue reading Travel Diary- Entry #3