10 Mobile Apps For Women On-The-Go

Being a boss babe means that sometimes it feels like you’re always on-the-go. As multifaceted as we women are, sometimes it can be challenging to tend to all of the day-to-day bits. Yet, there seems to be a mobile app for just about everything these days. While there is yet to be an all-inclusive app on how to do life as a modern day woman; there are plenty of great mobile apps for when you are on the go. So I complied a list of the 10 Mobile Apps For Women On-The-Go to make life just a little bit easier to tackle.

Effective Mobile Apps

Fueled with passion, drive and independence–women are taking full control of their lives. Gone are the days where you couldn’t have it all. I mean it is nothing short of amazing that there are so many women who do actually have it all. And if they don’t have it all, there’s nothing to stop her from doing everything in her power to visualize the future of her dreams.

The modern day woman is also most likely glued to her phone on her way somewhere. And with the amount of mobile apps out there, I wanted to share some of the most effective mobile apps for on the go and for the day to day life.


#1 Mantra App

Let’s start with the most important part of the modern day woman- the mind. Mantra is a fantastic and incredibly soothing way to speak to the universe with daily affirmations. This app is my favorite way to start the day and I always do with morning affirmations. It’s a great practice to implement loving affirmations for yourself as well. Start and end your day with a spiritual reset and a simple way to self care with affirmations for self. Mantra also provides affirmations on love, finance affirmations, affirmations for health even! The energy you put out is often what you get back and as women we need to be the ones controlling our reality! So create the energy you want to evoke and practice your affirmations. I’ve been using Mantra for quite some time now and highly recommend it.


#2 MyFLO App

As important as the health of a woman is, we are still continuing to fight for the study of hormonal issues. After listening to Everything is the Best podcast episode with hormonal expert Alisa Vitti, I was shocked to learn about Infradian Rhythm and this new area of study that speaks truth to the female body and cycle.

What I love about this app is that aside from the informative format in which you get to learn the 4 different cycles of your body as a woman, you also get notifications for when you are in that particular stage of your cycle. The app is more than just a period tracker, it makes it easy to align nutrition with each stage and even better it gives you so much insight on your moods, energy level. This mobile app makes it easy to plan your meals and workouts for the coming week. It’s definitely got me hooked.


#3 Circle 6 App

As a true crime obsessed woman, I am even more aware now of the dangers that are lurking all around. And I have to admit, when I’m on-the-go and distracted it’s easy to forget about our surroundings. What I love about Circle 6 is that you don’t have to go missing for 24 hours to have your friends wondering what’s happened to you. Sorry to be a downer, but I love knowing that I can entrust 6 of my closest friends to make sure I’m safe. Originally designed to prevent sexual violence for women on campus, you can rest assured that if you find yourself in a precarious situation your request for help will immediately ping all 6 friends.


#4 Causes-Impact Your World App

As busy as the modern day woman is, it can be kind of difficult to stay up to date with issues that are important to you. Causes makes for a great resource on the bills and laws and communicating with Congress Representative feels easier than ever. As Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made”–and Causes makes it that much easier to make those decisions and be a part of them especially when you are on-the-go!


#5 Mint App

As someone who learned how to budget a little late in the game, Mint makes it look pretty easy. Being in complete control of your finances is synonymous to being in control of your life as a modern day woman. So with this personal finance tool you can not only track your spending, but you can also visualize your cash flow, create a budget and create financial goals for yourself. It’s a must for me.


#6 Audible App

Don’t have time to read? Expand your mind with this user friendly app that delivers audiobooks and podcasts. All I listen to these days are podcasts and having had my Amazon Prime membership (by the way it’s free for Prime Members) has given me a good excuse to try it out. I never thought I’d be an audiobook kind of woman, but then again I never thought I’d be hooked on podcasts either. This is just a great way to fill up your free time or in my case driving time with something entertaining or educational.


#7 Mindly App

As far as mobile apps for organization goes, I have been a fan of Mindly for years. Just to be straight to the point it pretty much helps me map out my thought process. Each Mind map I create helps me focus and build structure around my thoughts. Conversely it helps me breakdown my ideas in the most simplistic way.


#8 Inpreview App

If you aren’t utilizing your Instagram account are you really a modern day woman? The beauty of a woman’s eye is the ability to make your visual world aesthetically pleasing. Inpreview makes it so easy for me to see the flow in my pictures. Listen aesthetics aren’t everything, but if we have the option of curating a beautiful world in imagery then why not. Inpreview is an absolute must for Instagram post planning.


#9 Stylebook Closet App

This is the app for every girl that’s ever wanted their own personal stylist. Only that stylist is you and your catalog is your closet. I love the concept of creating my own virtual closet with clothes I actually own. An outfit isn’t always easy to conjure up, but Stylebook Closet makes it look so easy. Save yourself sometime and Stylebook your closet girl.


#10 SideChef Recipe App

Chances are that if you have a lot on your plate, you don’t have enough time to think about your actual plate–of food that is. SideChef is such a lifesaver! No matter what your diet, how much time you have, or how many actual ingredients you scrounged up in your fridge–there is something for everyone. My favorite thing about this app is that last part! I absolutely love that I can select all of the ingredients I have at hand to dream up a recipe! That makes takes all the stress of thinking something up so if you’re really pressed for time, or have little ones you need to feed stat, SideChef is absolute fire.

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  1. Libbie

    October 16, 2020

    A few of these apps are new to me and I will be checking them out more this weekend. Thanks for a great share!!

  2. Sarah

    October 16, 2020

    These are GREAT suggestions. I haven’t heard of a lot of these and I’m intrigued. Definitely going to check a few of these out. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Angie

    October 16, 2020

    Great suggestions, a few I already know and tried, like the Mantra app. Didn’t know about the Stylebook Closet and Mint app, so I downloaded them to check them out! Thank you so much! X

  4. Susannah

    October 16, 2020

    Ooh never heard of the Garny app for instagram planning! I’m all over that! Thanks for a great roundup.

  5. Ann

    October 17, 2020

    Great tips!! I will try number 2 😃🙌

  6. Kelly Diane

    July 27, 2021

    These are great suggestions. I’m definitely going to download Circle 6. That is such an amazing idea.

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