10 U.S. Destinations That Feel International

Do you find yourself reminiscing about your past travels abroad? Have you been daydreaming about traveling?  Then chances are you’ve been bitten by the travel bug! Why wait until you can travel internationally when some of the most enchanting destinations that feel like you’re in another country are only a hop, skip, and a jump away? Check out the 10 U.S. cities that feel like international destinations!

1. Solvang, California

If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic of your international travels, well how about a stop to California’s very own little Denmark. Known to tourists as a little slice of Denmark in Southern California. One of the most charming destinations is in Santa Barbara County. No wine country trip is complete without a pit-stop to Solvang. Even if you’re staying for a short respite, you won’t have a problem staying intrigued! From the windmills to the trolleys, cycling, architecture and delicious Danish pastries, you won’t believe you’re still in California.

2. Leavenworth, Washington

Photo Credit: Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce

In our next travel destination, we’re bouncing from Danish village to a Bavarian viallage. Now let’s just acknowledge Switzerland is possibly one of the most beautiful places on planet earth. It’s rather difficult to not feel some sort of spirtual connection with the natural earth there. But if you can’t be in Switzerland, then this spectacular Bavarian town two hours from Seattle will make your alpine dreams come true. With it’s scenic mountainous landscape, stunning lakes and town bike rides, you will truly be stunned that no passport was required.

3. Newport, Rhode Island

Home to what was once a city known for it’s wealth, is now known as one of the oldest resort towns in the United States. Newport is a seaside haven for city folk. Any traveler looking to escape their urban jungle should look no further, because this coastal city is full of inspiration. From historic Colonial architecture to lavish mansion tours, lighthouses and bustling waterfront activities, the culture is truly rich in this New England town.

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4.Savannah, Georgia

If you’re a history buff and looking for destinations that’ll transport you back in time, then you don’t need to travel too far! Savannah has such wealth in it’s history that is evinced in the gorgeous Georgian architecture that has long since been preserved. Rich in cultural and religious history too, you’ll spend all day bouncing from museums and cathedrals and will hardly remember you’re still in the U.S!

5. Santa Fe, New Mexico

One of the oldest towns in the United States, Santa Fe is a cultural and creative art hub and still very much an art scene! Home to incredible art and indigenous heritage, Pueblo styled architecture and so much more, travelers will not be left wanting. Enjoy the museums, adobe styled landmarks, the creative art scene, incredible local dining, cathedrals, museums and the list goes on!

6. St. Augustine, Florida

Also very notable for it’s Spanish colonial architecture and cobble stoned streets, St. Augustine is an enchanting seaside destination. A city with a myriad of cultural influences, travelers will get their fill of historic attractions. From incredible state parks, to castles and scenic beaches, St. Augustine is a must-see destination.

7. Palm Beach, Florida

Still in the U.S. but you won’t remember that for long, because this famous resort town truly offers an escape! The sand is pristine, the waters warm and palm trees are surrounding that you’ll surely be convinced you are on a tropical island! Escape the crowds of West Palm Beach and post up at the beach, wander down for some upscale shopping or enjoy a breezy seaside lunch if you like! There are no bad days at the beach!

8. Montepelier, Vermont

Enlivened with culture, amazing food and a breathtaking skyline, you’ll almost wonder how far across the globe you went! In fact, this charming city is so captivating and rich with historic landmarks and awe striking landscapes you’d never know it was the smallest city in the United States! From self-guided tours through the historic district to skiing down the mountain side or maybe on a tasting for maple syrup, Montpelier is too sweet to pass up.

9. Matlacha, Florida

For our travelers that like to travel destinations that are off the beaten path, this quaint seaside city is a small town dream. Matlacha is so colorful, vibrant and playful that it’s hard to believe it’s only a stone-throw from any city scape. Funky and artsy, travelers will be so intrigued by all there is to see in this unique little fishing village.

10. New Orleans, Louisiana

Notably one of the most fun cities in the United States, New Orleans is a destination that you can’t pass up. From incredible eateries, a lively music and cultural scene, and a variety of attractions, there’s plenty to keep you entertained in New Orleans. Take a self-guided food tour and enjoy the local cuisine or how about a boat ride down the Mississippi river. In New Orleans, the good times are always rolling.


  1. Shyla Elza

    April 2, 2021

    These are all such beautiful and unique places. As someone with a fear of flying and boating I could certainly plan to travel within the country to one of these lovely destinations.

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