11 Ikea Furniture Finds For Scandinavian Design

Travel Inspired Interiors

Scandinavian design has always been of major inspiration for many interior design junkies. So where better to look for some Scandi style interior design home décor pieces than IKEA! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite IKEA finds that look much more chic than you would expect! 

Scandinavian Design 

What I love the most about Scandinavian design, is the minimalism and the sleekness. These two aspects not only apply to interior design, but also to the actual home goods! In my opinion, it’s the easiest budget-friendly design style to follow. With minimalist design elements, you can really bring a space together in a way that looks effortless and elegant. Scandinavian design really makes this so easy, especially when a Scandinavian inspired department store like Ikea makes it so accessible.

Affordable Scandi Style Interior Design

Now I’m sure there are plenty of Swedes that will cringe at a post like this. Especially a post about interior design and IKEA in the same sentence. However, most of us who aspire to style their homes the Swedish way do look to IKEA for a slice of shoestring budget interior design pie. As of late, IKEA has stepped the game up with loads of new pieces, but for the sake of this post we’ll only pick 11 of the best finds in 2021.

If trying to figure out your design aesthetic is new to you, then I think it’s always great to look at what sort of pieces  you’re immediately drawn to! I love scoping IKEA’s website before heading over there so I can get a heads up on what’s new in stores. 

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