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5 Best Beauty Tech Products To Try At Home or On The Go

Today we check out some of the best beauty tech products of the year. Exciting new tech gadgets in the beauty industry are making it all to easy to stay beautiful even when you’re a busy boss babe! Make your life a little easier with these modern gadgets.

#1 Embr Wave

Let’s start with one of the important secrets to maintaining your glow on the go. Sleep and comfort. We all know that waking up with insufficient sleep isn’t a good look. And it’s not exactly easy looking poised and polished on days that have you running around town. And when you’re trying to attack the day like the boss babe that you are, you need a solution. Using incredible thermal technology the Embr Wave is not immediately beauty related, but is actually an important beauty tech product you need. The watch is no ordinary watch with technology that works with your body to regulate it’s temperature. So no more feeling hot and frazzled when you’re on the go! Oh and bonus benefit? Studies have shown to relieve stress and improved sleep. Keep your cool and your calm when you’re on the go.

#2 Foreo Iris Eye Massager

Don’t worry this is not a massager for your eyeballs, but rather underneath your eyes. If you’re starting your days early, even a sufficient amount of sleep isn’t always enough to get rid of the sleep in your eyes. Gently stimulating the eye area is not only great in reducing signs of aging, but it’s sure enough to make you look bushy tailed and wide awake. I recently watched In The Bag Vogue with Gemma Chan who whipped out her own Iris Eye Massager or rather Foreo eyebrator…what she calls it. Using something called T-sonic technology, the Iris is said to improve any visible signs of aging surrounding the skin under the eye such as crow’s feet, fine lines, dark circles. Gemma likened it to the motion of patting underneath your eye such as when you’re getting a facial. Anyone else getting excited about modern beauty tech products yet? Because I am!

#3 NuFACE Mini

Ok you know I’ve talked about the NuFACE in previous post. I’m a big believer in at home beauty tech products that not only are effective, but makes you feel like you’re a multifunctional boss babe! If I can reply to all of my emails, take phone calls, and get a lot of work done around the house while using the NuFACE then that’s amazing. The mini NuFACE is even better, travel friendly and great to take with you on an away trip. Also totally here for all travel-friendly gadgets.

#4 Silk’n Flash&Go Express Hair Removal Device

Always a fan of at home hair removal treatments so this one is easy! Sometimes you don’t have time to get in the shower and do a full shave down am I right? I know that there are times where I really have to be out the door and using a fast hair removal device like the Silk’n Flash & Go Express Hair Removal Device has saved me both time and scars if you know what I mean. I love how silky and smooth my legs always feel afterwards, I tend to reach for this on days where I have no time, but really I love using it anytime!

#5 Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

This last one is quite hefty in price. However, if the claims that this innovative beauty tech gadget will reduce wrinkles and fight acne in 3 minute are in fact true then, it might be worth it. Dr. Dennis Gross launched it’s SpectraLite FaceWare Pro LED mask a while back, yet it remains a highly coveted at home beauty treatment. There has got to be something to rave about with the SpectraLite if celebrities like Lucy Hale and Halle Berry are all about it. This is definitely looking like an A-List beauty gadget if you ask me!

I hope you enjoyed exploring my list of at home or on the go beauty tech products. I love sharing anything that helps us gals elevate in every way! Don’t forget to subscribe for the latest post!

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