5 Ways To Romanticize Your Life

Today I want to share easy ways to romanticize your life, so that you can harness that main character energy! So much of this blog is about creating the reality where you are your own dream girl. In romanticizing our lives, we’re attempting to close that gap between a dream version of ourselves and reality. Because you have the ability to be exactly who you want to be! You can be beautiful, you can be spiritual, you can be surrounded by beauty, you can travel, you can be hardworking, you can be organized and the list goes on! It’s time to harness that main character energy so let’s go!

#1 Daily Vibe Check

Before I give you some tips on ways to romanticize your life, I want you to take note that your perspective is only as good as your current mindset and your energy. So let’s start there. The mind is a powerful thing and it often seems to be the nexus of all that we perceive which can affect our day to day lives. Trust me when I say that only now in my early thirties, do I really understand just how powerful your mindset can be. By the very nature of being a Leo, I have always had a tendency to romanticize my life and my future. I’ve always had visions of grandeur and have always loved moving forward with that mindset. However, I can definitely say that only until recently did I really make a conscious effort to check my energy too!

Energy is also a powerful force and a language between you and the universe. So always be aware of yours. A helpful mindset moving towards the reality of your dreams is one of gratitude. When you slowly start to see all of the things that you’ve already been given, you start to receive them ten fold. One of my favorite things to do every morning is to really harness that early morning calm for some scripting. My Daily Manifest notebooks are available for anyone looking for a minimal daily notebook for scripting. There’s power in both your mind and energy. The more you practice harness both, the more you start to feel like you’ve got some sort of powerful secret that’s sure enough to make you feel like the main character in your life.

#2 Love The Body You’re In

Another one of my favorite ways to romanticize your life is by showing yourself some love daily. There’s nothing better than living your life as confidently as you can. You’d be amazed at just how a quick 30 minute work out session can really transform your whole mood and how you feel about yourself. Not only are you releasing endorphins, but your also making actionable moves to create a strong, beautiful body. I truly believe in making fitness or movement a part of your daily routine. Whether you’re going to the gym, working out at home, or having a private dance party, it’s important to love your body and be in tune with the way you move it. For some fitness accessories while you’re on the go check out the LEUCHTEN 2 Pcs Adjustable Ankle Weights and the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smartwatch.

#3 Eat Drool-Worthy Food

Another part of loving your body is nourishment and since we eat food everyday why not make it count? It’s important to give yourself the best chance at health. And guess what health looks good. But did you know you can still be healthy and indulge in all things delicious. These days I make a conscious effort to eat foods that make me feel good both in terms of taste and ingredients. I never really have guilty cheat days anymore because I’ve managed to make a lifestyle out of amazing, delicious, healthier alternatives! One of my absolute favorite breakfasts these days for instance is a coconut yogurt grain-free granola breakfast bowl! I’m obsessed with it and will probably share my recipe in an upcoming post. I only eat meals I literally drool over now because life’s too short to eat bad food. Check out some of my favorite things to eat down below!

Cashew Butter Blondies – Base Culture

Plantain Chips – Trader Joes

Jovial Cassava Pasta

#4 Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

Can’t forget the outward glow up too! I absolutely love a good spa day or pamper session any day of the week. Spending a night-in luxiourously lounging in a bubble bath, with a great hair treatment and facial mask with a good book. There’s nothing like it! Make yourself some tea, turn on some mellow music and treat yourself. Afterwards throw on a great silk robe to continue the lavish evening with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Take sometime every evening to balance out with some me time.

#5 Buy Yourself Some Flowers

Life can be as romantic as you like it since you’re in control! There’s nothing more satisfying then having fresh flowers in the home. Stop by your local flower shop just because. We could all do well to take a page out of 6 EASY HACKS INSPIRED BY FRENCH INTERIOR DESIGN for that Parisian chic lifestyle book to add a bit of easy living. Why daydream about living the life when you can! Get yourself some flowers you deserve it!

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