6 Best Apps To Help You Curate Your Social Media Content

I thought I would kick off Blogmas with a post that’s going to help you run your social media game. How do you do that you ask? You curate better visual content for your social media. In case you didn’t already know social media is crucial to your online presence. Whether you’re running a blog, brand, business or all three–you are absolutely going to need to start taking your social media content a lot more seriously.

Visualizing Your Space

Just a little disclaimer, this post is directed to anyone who is trying to grow an online presence. We all know that in 2020 and beyond, your visual game has to be on point if you’re hoping to grow in every aspect, audience, readership, customers, you name it. The internet is a funny place to be these days especially if you don’t know how to navigate your way around it. It can be quite easy to get lost in the sea of aesthetically pleasing content so the only solution is really to join in on the fun. And that is the key you know, have fun. You don’t necessarily need to be the most creative person around to be able to use these simple apps I listed below, you just need to be methodical about it.

Your Authentic Voice

I’m all for posting authentically and in a way that is aligns with your brand, business, or blog vision. You can continue to post in a way that is authentic, just a bit more tailored if you know what I mean. The one thing that really helps me curate my social media accounts, particularly the ones that are geared visually–is my vision. Down below are the 6 best apps that I use to curate my social media accounts. Just follow this simple start to finish routine using the apps listed below and you’ll be well on your way to curating your vision.


I’ll start off with Pinterest because it is the absolute best way for me to find inspiration that I can once again “curate”. Being able to save images to boards that are very specific to an aesthetic I’m trying to draw inspiration from is so incredibly helpful for my entire presence online. Pinterest is basically my Google Search Engine for visual content.


Next I use Unsplash for free stock photos. Often times I try to change up my photo posts on Instagram by posting a photo that isn’t mine, but is aesthetically the same. I find that sometimes it can be boring to post nothing but my own photos and adding some relevant and aesthetically pleasing inspiration photos can really give my feed some context.


I say Instagram is the next app I use, but it’s really the Instagram Story camera feature that I’m referencing here. Now I do have the latest IPhone 11 and it’s great, I love it and the camera software is fantastic. However, for whatever reason I prefer the Instagram Story camera quality over my IPhone camera most of the time. I use it just about everyday to snap a photo. Images taken with this camera just seem sharper, clearer and better quality overall.


I adore FaceTune and use it pretty frequently. And no, I don’t use it to retouch selfies. FaceTune has so many great features that can really help with the details of a photo that in my opinion can vastly improve a photo in it’s raw state. Whether you want to smooth out, blur, patch over or whiten some unsightly details of an image, you can with FaceTune. Oh and don’t forget about the details feature, it’s the best part!


Created by the one and only social media influencer herself, Tezza– the app is stellar. It’s probably one of the best if not the best apps to use for filters. I know the word filter doesn’t sound great, but after you’ve taken the photo and then edited your photo, you’re going to want to make sure that tonally (if that’s a real word) your photos are cohesive. The tone of your visual layout is what can often get you the real views. Think of your images like a collection of pieces that belong together.


Sadly the developer of this app removed it so it’s no longer downloadable, but I’ve yet to delete it so I am still able to use it for the time being. There are plenty of other apps that do what Garny does such as Planoly or PLNR. This part of the process is my favorite because it means that my photo is now done and can be planned out for a post. I use Garny to make sure that whichever post I publish next on Instagram will look good next to a post I made prior. This may sound a little neurotic, but trust me when you have your eyes on your entire layout you’ll just know what works.

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  1. Jenny

    December 2, 2020

    Great post! Thanks for sharing I’ll be sure to remember this next time I go to post on my Instagram!

    • thepalmqueen

      December 8, 2020

      Awesome I’m sure your photos will be on point!

  2. Robyn Jones

    December 2, 2020

    I have not heard of a few of these so thank you for putting together this list. Also, I forgot about FaceTune, so I appreciate the reminder to use it! 🙂

    • thepalmqueen

      December 8, 2020

      Of course I hope it helps!

  3. Unwanted Life

    December 7, 2020

    God I hate Pinterest and their customer support team, my impressions went from 200k every month for a tea to being tank to 36k a month and they won’t tell me what happened or how to fix it

    • thepalmqueen

      December 8, 2020

      Yes I agree I can’t seem to figure out the crazy spikes of drops either! I just figured Pinterest really likes viral pins and constant viral pins.

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