7 Clean Beauty + Body Products You Should Try

In today’s post I’ve created a list of my favorite clean beauty and body products that you may want to check out if you’re looking for some cleaner alternative! Clean living is becoming more and more important as we begin to understand how the chemicals and toxins in our everyday products (even beauty products) may actually be harmful in the long run. It’s easy to make the switch to clean beauty and body products especially with brands like the ones I’ve listed down below!

Ella + Mia in Elite Nail Polish

As a lover of nail polish, it never occurred to me to look to vegan brands but Ella + Mia is a brand dedicated to eco-friendly chemical free beauty. Elite is my absolute favorite color and as a matter of fact their shade range is abundant. There’s definitely a color for everyone!

Himalaya Botanique Neem & Pomegranate Toothpaste

Plant based ingredients that actually fight plaque and don’t seep into your bloodstream overtime? Dental health is pretty important and the amount of dangerous ingredients in a traditional toothpaste will have you rethink your dental hygiene game.

Nubian Heritage Deodorant Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver

A natural antiperspirant, aluminum free and baking soda free, this black owned brand makes the only deodorant I’ll ever use. I’ve never believed I could find a natural antiperspirant that could really work on a normal chick that sweats when I work out. But it seriously does. This particular scent is incredible and is totally unisex in the best way. Trust me. Try this one.

The Honey Pot Original Formula Feminine Wash

Another fantastic black owned personal care brand is Honey Pot. Once it occurred to me how important cleaner products in the feminine hygiene sector was, I just haven’t looked back. When you think of it as a honey pot it really does seem that much more precious if you know what I mean. So definitely make the switch to this plant based feminine wash.

NATIVE Cucumber & Mint Bodywash

I’m such a fangirl of this particular body wash and brand in general that I feel kind of cool knowing I started using them before a lot of people caught on. While just about all of their products are great, I adore their body wash. It’s no secret that cleaner personal care is their motto and they make it quite easy to indulge with all of their yummy scents.

Charcoal Tea Tree Detox – Handcrafted Vegan Face Soap

This particular brand of charcoal face soap by FinchBerry was actually gifted to me by a friend. I love it so much and I do plan on purchasing it when I’m finished. Soap bars are a fantastic alternative to using a liquid or foaming face wash They’re also much gentler and really great for a deep clean. The scent alone is invigorating. Also it’s lathers up wonderfully! I absolutely love that this is a handcrafted product by a small brand. And the packaging is stunning.

Beneath Your Mask Remedy Conditioning Lip Balm

Beneath Your Mask is a black owned brand that I’ve been obsessed with for months. Not only is there packaging sleek and the perfect packaging to whip out of your cute bag, but this brand is known for their handcrafted products that challenge the toxic chemicals we find in most of our beauty products. My absolute holy grail is the Remedy Conditioning Lip Balm made with “wild-harvested botanicals with restorative properties” per their website. However, they are sold out on their site, but are available on Neiman Marcus. Nothing makes my lips feel nice and sumptuous as this lip balm and knowing that it’s not just leaving a film of petroleum on my lips is amazing.

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  1. Kari

    February 27, 2021

    I’ve tried a few different natual toothpastes, but I haven’t heard of the Himalaya Botanique brand before, I’ll have to check this one out as I’m still looking for a clean toothpaste that I like!

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