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7 Days of Chill Challenge – Day 2

Today’s post of the 7 Days of Chill Challenge is focused on winding down with yoga. And yes I know it’s only Tuesday! You don’t have to wait until the end of the week to incorporate some relaxation techniques. In fact, that is the whole point of this challenge; implementing some de-stressing or anti-stress activities. Since I still consider myself to be somewhat of a novice, I figured some specific poses might be good to practice at the end of the day.

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Why Not Yoga?

For a while now, yoga has been my favorite go to for my mind, body, and soul. It not only helps me strengthen my core and muscles, but it also helps me quiet my mind and ease any stress. Yoga has been a really awakening experience for me. I never realized just how disconnected my mind and my body were until I started taking Bikram Yoga classes.

What started as a one-off fun and new class for me, quickly turned into my end of the week ritual. It really takes practice and focus to be aware of your breathing and how it moves in and out of your body. So definitely be conscious of that as you try out these five poses. The goal is to do these poses with the intention of being more in tune with your body.

New Yogi

My favorite point of reference for most yoga poses happens to be the Yoga Journal its a great place to start for beginning yogis. You don’t necessarily need to be in a room so hot you can’t breathe–to experience the goodness of yoga. You can definitely benefit from even just the aforementioned 5 Yoga poses at the end of the day. So today is a great day to try out these five yoga poses which I find to be very helpful in relaxing any tension in the body. It’s a nice change of pace to not have to wait until the end of the week to unwind. Hopefully today’s challenge will help you realize it’s good to take some time in the day to connect to your body. So leave your work at home, literally and unwind for the day!