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7 Days of Chill Challenge – Day 7

So today is the last day of our 7 Days of Chill Challenge. If you’ve been following along then I hope every day has been a little bit helpful in taking your mind off of any stressors. This past week has been a good excuse to practice activities that allow you to kind of slowly get back into a more relaxed state of mind. Hopefully today’s final challenge, if you can even call it that will allow you to really feel rejuvenated and ready to wake up Monday morning with a positive and excited start!

At-Home Spa

If you didn’t check out my post The Perfect At-Home Spa you probably should after reading this. Look I won’t deny it, I love the good life and I love a good, long, luxurious bath. That usually doesn’t just stop at the bath either not if I’m creating my own at-home spa day! Give it to me all the face masks, the hair masks, the body scrubs, the bubbles, the wine, the works!

This challenge is really the icing on the cake because it really is about getting lost in relaxation. Sunday night baths are my favorite; they always get me nice and relaxed and sleepy even! If you’re interested in getting the works for your bath, Lush still continue to make the best bath bombs on the market.

Mental Health Challenge Check

Why did I include it as a challenge you ask? I think it’s absolutely important to be kind to yourself and give your mind a break. Mental health is something to be recognized and sometimes we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to do so. Sometimes there’s even a lot of guilt behind relaxing and taking time for self care. We all need at least one day of the week where we can just check out completely. Let that day be today. That’s why I love bubble baths, they really give me just the pick me up when I need it. However, aside from bubble baths and at-home spas, I hope that this week has helped you take micro steps in taking control of your mental state of mind and your energy. I hope you take the following week by the reigns more relaxed and more positive.


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