7 Best Visually Stunning Movies + Shows That Inspire Travel

Ready to pack your bags and hop on a plane? Well you may not be able to do that quite yet, but it’s always good to find something that inspires travel in us! In fact if you’re looking for some real travel inspiration/entertainment, then check out this list of movies and shows that inspire travel and a serious case of wanderlust.

Inspire Travel + Action

1. Lupin

A trending French thriller on Netflix, this series with the main star characterized as the gentleman thief, is set in Paris France. Featuring many notable sites such as the Louvre, Luxembourg Gardens, the Conservatoire de Montreuil, and many a rooftop, you’ll be on the edge of your seat to see what happens next and to book yourself a one way ticket to France! 

Inspire Travel + Friendship

2. My Brilliant Friend

An absolute must if you have an obsession for all things Italy. This series now available on HBO in two full seasons and based on authoress Elena Ferrante’s best selling novels. The series is centered on the relationship of best friends who we see grow from children to young women. The series is instantaneously captivating despite the subtitles and both emotionally and visually pulls you into their lives in Naples, Italy. A fantastic series to watch especially if you want to improve your Italian comprehension! Definitely one of the top shows that inspires travel!

Inspire Travel + Art

3. Danish Girl

Immediately pulled in by how visually stunning this film looked from the trailer, I could not get enough of the art, the lavish visual design element of it being a period film, the lush fabrics and just so much more. Set in mostly Copenhagen and some parts Paris, the story line and visual aesthetic of the film are just unbelievably captivating and completely travel inspiring.

Inspire Travel + Food

4. Chocolat

A repeat film for whenever I’m craving both chocolate and travel. Based on another novel, this lighthearted, but some parts dramatic film is the story of a woman who travels to this little French town with her daughter and opens up a chocolaterie that has an incredible affect on the town, both good and bad. Every scene that involves chocolate is as indulgent as chocolate itself! This one is for someone looking for a movie that inspires travel and eating!

Inspire Travel + Fantasy

5. Twilight: Breaking Dawn II

While I’ve only ever watched the entire Twilight Saga once, I’ve definitely watched this particular sequel many times. While the film takes place in Washington for most of the film, we do get slivers of the stunning Tuscan landscape of Volterra Italy. If you’ve noticed I have a thing for Italy. Visually, it’s definitely the most memorable sequels of the saga for me.

Inspire Travel + Luxury

6. Grand Budapest Hotel

I would have to say that this film probably wins for production design above all else. While the film is set in a fictious town, it still pulled such visually magnificent details that were actually inspired by small towns in Europe. This one has everything architecture, fashion, travel.

Inspire Travel + Fashion

7. Killing Eve

If travel, fashion and murder is your jam, then this series is exactly what you need. In this series we travel to Barcelona, Paris, London and it’s all so exciting. Also one of the leading characters is an assassin who seems to feel an affinity to nothing else but fashion and living a glamour lifestyle. She loves to shop and she loves lavish living which completely speaks to my desire to travel and shop.