7 Spooky True Crime Stories To Keep You On Your Toes This October

Call me a murder mystery maven as I am officially obsessed with true crime stories. And if you just started reading this blog post chances are you’ve either got an interest in it or you are a woman. Am I right?! Yes, we women love true crime, we love murder mysteries! If you want the low down on the latest and greatest true crime stories, podcasts and shows keep reading! I’ve compiled a list of the top seven spookiest true crime stories to keep you cozy during spooky season. 

Obsession With True Crime

Personally, I believe our interest in murder mysteries and true crime stories speaks to our innate ability as women to make rational, logical sense of such heinous and unthinkable things! Quite the opposite of emotional creatures as we are often called right ladies?  I can only speak from my own point of view as a woman, but we are very analytical creatures by nature. This is our god given skill as amateur detectives to make sense of all of the things that go wrong. When we’re not in the middle of it. I digress…true crime stories are like a dream come true for us are you kidding! If you could only see my brainwaves flutter at the sound of a new Crime Junkie episode!

True Crime Stories Lessons

Seriously though, what does it take to push someone all the way to the edge? All the way to murder? Sometimes it takes nothing at all. That’s the problem. That’s the part that I’m fascinated with the most because what does it mean when there are no signs, no red herrings, no nothing–just murder! In some sort of weird way I find myself trying to work out these stories before they’re even unfolded! Only ever coming to the conclusion that I don’t have the forensic technology or ability to actually be involved in any case at all.

It is fascinating to have discovered also that every county, city, police department, justice system, forensic lab– works within a different set of rules. In some cases, rules are not always followed, which can have incredibly damning consequences for a cold case. This is when I get most righteous. Even I know by now as a true crime junkie, that no murder mystery can be solved when the job is only half-assed by any of the above!

Hooked On True Crime

I guess you could say another thing that keeps me hooked is the possibility of potentially being a real life victim one day! What if?? If these true crime stories can teach you anything it’s that anything is possible and people are capable of the craziest things. So stay alert and never keep your airpods in your ear while you walk to your car! See, true crime does apply to real life, it isn’t just a form of escapism. 

#1 MURDERED: The Powell Family 


#2 American Murder: The Family Next Door


#3 SERIAL KILLER: Rodney Alcala


#4 The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All


#5 Austin Yogurt Shop Killer


#6 Children of the Snow


#7 My Brother the Serial Killer


For more murder podcast recommendations check out Murders to Motivation-Podcasts I’m Loving


  1. Seriah Sargenton

    October 7, 2020

    I absolutely love Children of the Snow. I totally recommend it. Long live Spooky Season!

    • thepalmqueen

      October 8, 2020

      Yes what a great season!

  2. spilltheteasite

    October 7, 2020

    You literally just gave me a whole weekend plan

    • thepalmqueen

      October 8, 2020

      Happy to share! 🙂

  3. Clarissa

    October 7, 2020

    Oh my! These definitely sound like the perfect get-in-the-spirit-for-Halloween type of shows! I’m a little squimish when it comes to shows about violence, myself. I’m more the hocus pocus kind of girl. 😂🤷‍♀️

    • thepalmqueen

      October 8, 2020

      Yea I definitely get that sometimes you need to switch to the family friend Halloween stuff just to be able to sleep at night 😂

  4. Tarryn

    October 7, 2020

    This post! Absolutely love it. I am a sucker for true crime stories.

    • thepalmqueen

      October 8, 2020

      Same here totally all about it!

  5. Sankhamala

    October 8, 2020

    Great list of crime stories!!! Will try to go through them if get opportunity…

    • thepalmqueen

      October 8, 2020

      Awesome! Best season for it 😉

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