Take your olfactory senses on a trip this summer with candle scents that will elevate your home life. Travel may seem a bit out of reach these days, but not when your home fragrance takes you to places far away. If you’re a fragrance-obsessed, home décor lover like myself–then you’ll want to check out these 11 candle scents by Jipsē Co inspired by travel.

I think we can agree that the past year has inspired some major wanderlust vibes in a lot of us. If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you may have heard of my business, my baby Jipsē Co. My passion for travel is central to my blog which is in many ways travel-inspired. But, my passion for travel has also been at the heart of why I started my business. In a way that felt very natural to myself, developing fragrances that encapsulated my travel memories, was my way of creating these scent stories. By retelling these stories through home fragrance, I found myself reigniting my wanderlust.

They say your olfactory system is quite a strong one because of the impact that it has on your brain. It’s by far the most powerful sense that is linked to your memory. The home fragrances I developed were really born in moments where my olfactory system evoked wonderful memories abroad. Wanderlust really played a role in my desire to create travel-inspired stories through these scents. Jipsē Co is my way of sharing those memories in hopes of inspiring new ones for my Jipsē Co tribe and to inspire wanderlust even in moments of self-care.

Let me know which candle sounds like your cup of tea down below!

#1 Bavarian Sun

High up above in the Alps where dreams soar amongst the clouds, the earth and the sky become one. Gold is discovered in the flora of the mountains that bloom into existence and relish in the warmth of a transient sun fragrant of edelweiss and cashmere. Our inspiration for this clean fragrance with a light floral scent and cashmere base takes the bright clean floral scent of hyacinth and lily, cyclamen and sweat pea blended with the warmth of jasmine petals, rose buds, lily/muguet, soft musk, amber woods, and vanilla and cashmere to add an element of depth.


#2 Magic Moss

The earthy green herbal minty scent of Scotland’s magical land inspired our Magic Moss, it’s greens are enlivened by the cucumber and sweet mint both refreshing and energizing. Any dreamer that stumbles upon this magical land is bound to be entranced by the green that is surrounding. In this place dreams and make-believe are one and the same. With a haze of cucumber, mint and a canopy of moss –magic is abounding.

#3 High Street

This luxe candle is inspired by walks through the London streets at night. In a city so full of luxury and as vibrant as its city lights, London has to be one of the most fragrant cities out there. It’s atmosphere is as encompassing as its fog.



#4 West Coast Flame

One of the first fragrance concepts to start off the romance + travel inspiration for the Wanderlust Collection. West Coast Flame speaks to a young love, full of passion and discovery, a longing for warm California summer nights, swaying palm trees, a soft breeze and bonfire smoke that lingers until the morning. Airy florals and notes of smoke enwrap romance and a forever burning flame.

#5 Covert Romance

Inspired by a city of secrets Covert Romance is a story of clandestine rendezvous and passion filled nights. The night air is heady and sweet with passionflower, vanilla musk and red saffron for a touch of spice

#6 Magic Garden

This crafted fragrance was inspired by a sunny morning breakfast in an English garden. Instantly transported to an English garden enveloped in a floral bouquet.

#7 Siren Sea

A summer’s night in Mykonos surrounded by the Mediterranean inspired this earthy scent. Listen to the sea, it sings a siren song that stirs the heart. The stillness carries memories and yearning in each crashing wave. Siren Sea captivates with the earthiness of oakmoss and amber and adds depth with soft florals and the sweet but subtle spiciness of cloves.

#8 Dolce Vita

The subtle powdery sweetness of fresh peaches with a hint of cashmere was inspired by strolls through cobble stone streets of Siena. Delicate but aromatic, Dolce Vita is like waking up in an Italian dream.



#9 Asmara

Asmara is a scent inspired by a city and a traditional Ethiopian spiced tea. Full of cloves, cardamom and cinnamon, Asmara is cold weather approved for this season so curl up with your favorite book and enjoy this fragrant spiced cup of tea in a candle.

#10 Vienna

Vienna is a scent inspired by the city and the nostalgia of the old smoking cafes. The sweetness of bourbon cocktails and brown sugar are enveloped in a subtle smokiness that still lingers. Notes of tobacco leaf and bourbon and brown sugar make this a perfect seasonal candle. Whether you’re sitting by a fire or reading on a rainy day, cozy up with this unique scent.

#11 Lund

Lund was inspired by one of the most charming Scandinavian cities. This autumn scent exudes the coziness of hygge. This scent will leave you feeling as mesmerized as the actual quaint little Scandinavian town.

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