Guide To Black Owned Etsy Shops

Etsy is a platform where you can discover some of the most unique handmade artisan black owned etsy shops. If you’re looking to do some shopping while showing your support to black owned etsy shops, then check out our guide to black owned etsy shops today!

Why Shop Black Owned?

Did you know that black communities continue to be one of the most marginalized communities in the economy? For decades, the struggle to close the racial wealth gap has been far too difficult. Supporting black owned businesses online and in stores is incredibly important especially during these times in particular due to COVID.

Unfortunately, the devastating impact of COVID is such that it continues to wipe out an overwhelming amount of black-owned shops who aren’t able to stay afloat. Giant corporations and chains won’t be the ones hurting this year, but the small black owned businesses including black owned businesses online will be if they haven’t been impacted already.

However, with awareness and information, we have the power to change that by showing our support to black owned businesses! It’s been my own personal goal to continue to share those businesses beyond the pandemic. By doing so I can also hold myself accountable for my own role in my local community. It also is a fantastic way to discover amazing businesses that I want to share with my readers!

Shop Small & Black Owned This Holiday Season

If you’ve already started your holiday shopping this year please consider buying from a black owned business. I think that as good humans and good shoppers we can do what we do best to support the impacted livelihood of black owned companies.

If you want a reference for more black owned shops, be sure to check out my post The Ultimate List of Black-Owned Businesses to Support. In addition, you can check out Support Black Owned.

As an Etsy shop owner, I figured I would highlight some of the other amazing small black-owned businesses on Etsy! If you’d like to check my candle shop on Etsy it is JipseCo.

Home Decor


Pepper Palm

Candice Luter | Art + Interiors



Vintage Royalty



Art + Prints





Beauty + Self-Care






  1. Jessi

    November 27, 2020

    Wow! Looks like I need to shop on Etsy more often! Can’t wait to check all of these out!

  2. Fadima Mooneira

    November 27, 2020

    Good tips and guide. Thank you for sharing.

    • thepalmqueen

      December 8, 2020

      Of course happy to share!

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