How to Be Hygge – Danish Living Inspiration

If there’s one interior design and decor aesthetic that is inspiring and worth learning about, it is the art of how to be hygge. Hygge has been quite the buzzword in the world of interior design, but mainly lifestyle. It speaks to the characteristic of the Danish lifestyle and art of being content and cozy. It’s a lifestyle that speaks to the appreciation of living simply and we’re here for it.

Cozy Corner

The word “hygge” is a Danish word that can basically be summarized to two words: cozy living. The home is probably the epicenter of the hygge lifestyle. It’s no wonder the Danes take so much pride in interior decorating, especially as it pertains to enjoying the simple pleasures of life that is hygge. We can’t all be like the Danes however, so if the art of home decor isn’t your jam then at the very least you can still dedicate any area of your home and turn it into your little cozy corner!


While the Danes love bringing elements from the outside into the home and I would also agree! I think it’s such a beautiful but simple magic to have some sort of plant life such as eucalyptus in the home. Add some twigs and pine cones to really give your home that extra Danish touch.


As a California born gal, a fireplace isn’t a necessity it’s a luxury. It isn’t even really about the heat as much as it is about the sort of cozy ambience it creates. Lately I’ve been obsessing over faux fireplaces and even electric fireplaces which will do the job just nicely! If you don’t have a fireplace, try this little DIY from The Budget Decorator. If you are looking to invest in a small fireplace heater for now that’s not too costly, here‘s a cute alternative.

Candles + Fairy Lights

Continuing on with the ambience, candles and fairy lights are almost an absolute must in the hygge home. The second the temperature drops out here in sunny California, there isn’t a candle at home that hasn’t been lit. Candles just create such a warm atmosphere and fairy lights, if you have them add that extra bit of cozy magic.

Blankets + Cushions

More than just the ambience, hygge is really about enjoying yourself and your space. What better way to do that then to wrap yourself up in some plush blankets. Having throw blankets and cushions in your cozy corner lends itself to rest and relaxation.


Which brings me to the next element of the hygge lifestyle at home. Books. Reading a book is one way to get into the hygge lifestyle. After all reading a book is synonymous with taking a break as we tend to do it for our entertainment. Enjoy a good read in your cozy corner.

Warm Drinks

Lastly one of the best ways to really enjoy your new hygge space is by making yourself a warm cup of tea and curl up with a blanket and a good book. I love seasonal tea blends around this time of the year! Now you’re really living that hygge life.

For some more cozy hygge inspiration, take a look at my Guide To Cozy Home Decor Get The Look

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