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5 Indulgent L.A. Gluten Free Ice Cream Shops

The Los Angeles gluten free ice cream scene is a bit of an indulgent obsession of mine as of late. I think we can agree that we all scream for ice cream right? But if you’re one of many people who live with certain dietary restrictions then dessert can be especially challenging. And the only thing you want to scream is where can I go to for some gluten free desserts?! Well, have no fear, today we are looking at some gluten free hot spots to cool down this summer. If you’re looking for Los Angeles gluten free ice cream shops that you can indulge in guilt-free, then keep reading!

Healthy But Challenging

Why gluten free ice cream you ask? Many people these days are having to go gluten free and sometimes finding local spots that are accommodating can be somewhat of a research project. As someone who has taken up an anti-inflammatory diet for the several months, I know how difficult it can be to know where to find eateries with options for you.

Trying to go out to eat or grab a snack when you have specific dietary restrictions can sometimes seem overwhelming. And for someone like me who lives for the sweeter things in life, it’s even harder to stay in the safe zone. So I did a bit of research and I wanted to share some great new spots I found in Los Angeles for gluten free ice cream.

gluten free ice cream

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory diet that I’ve been living by, I’ve also been following a gluten free diet mainly for optimal health purposes. I made a pact with myself to be more conscious of the foods I’m eating and I still continue to dissect labels on all food products. And while I’m no doctor and (disclaimer) this only in regards to my own body and health– I do have to say, overall I feel much better than I ever did before.

No Cheat Days

However, cooking at home is the easy part. Sticking to an anti-inflammatory diet and a gluten free diet at home IS easy. But once you step foot outside, all of that changes and when you’re craving something indulgent, it’s all too tempting to take a cheat day. Living with some restrictions is especially difficult in a city like Los Angeles where you cannot NOT be a foodie.

Cheat days however are not exactly possible when you have allergies like a gluten allergy. So if you find yourself looking for something sweet to eat in Los Angeles, check out these 5 ice creameries in Los Angeles and enjoy your guilt-free and gluten free ice cream!

#1 Salt & Straw

Per there website, all of their ice creams are gluten free unless otherwise noted in specific flavors. This ice creamery does offer non-dairy ice creams too!

#2 Cocobella Creamery

Amazingly this ice creamery offers 100% vegan and gluten free ice creams!

#3 Fatamorgana

Another wonderful ice creamery offering 100% natural and gluten free ingredients is this quaintly Italian style gelato shop!

#4 Creamistry

With some great vegan base options, this cute creamery offers all natural, gluten free and egg free ice cream.

#5 Frozen Fruit Co

Last but not least while not all of their flavors are gluten free there are still several gluten free ice creams and also cheesecake!

Hope this list helps someone with a gluten free allergy looking for a sweet treat in Los Angeles. For more posts like this click here!