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Multi-Action Foaming Face Wash Review


I have been on the market for a new foaming face wash for a while now.  Is it weird to spend so much time thinking about all of the facial products that I’ve used over the years? Because I’ve done that, quite a bit lately.  It has just been a really long dry-spell when it comes to using a cleanser that I just absolutely love.  And I’ll go ahead and use the word dry-spell quite literally as my skin has been going through it recently.  These days I’ve been on the hunt for more dry-skin friendly products and somehow I stumbled upon this 2-in-1 multi-action foaming face wash! Oh happy day!


Dr. Althea Foaming Cleanser O2 Mask

I happened to have found it at my local Marshall’s which I consider to be similar to finding a four leaf clover. It’s rare that you’ll find a unique product at two different Marshall’s stores. However, it is possible to find really good brands so long as you mind the product expiration dates. I took a chance on believing this foaming face wash would be one of them.

Apparently this product is a Korean brand which is a plus in my book considering Korean skin care is everything.  The one thing that stood out to me at first glance was that it doubled as a foaming cleanser and deep clean bubble mask. I will say it again I am a lover of multi-action beauty products that allow me to get more than one use out of them.

Dr. Althea Foaming Cleanser O2 Mask is the name of this cleanser and I’m not going to lie, I was a sucker for the cute packaging. I’m so happy I came across it because it turned out to be a multi-action face wash! We love a good multi-action beauty product.


  • This cleanser claims to be a “low-stimulus deep cleanser” that leaves your skin deeply cleansed and moisturized.


The consistency at first pump is kind of strange. It’s a jelly like texture with bursting oxygen bubbles that turn into foam the more you rub it into your skin. I have really been enjoying every time I go to use this stuff. You hardly need more than half a pump to get a good lather out it and a full pump if you have make up that you need coming off.  Leave the jelly on your skin for a bit longer and watch it turn into a bubble mask. It’s actually pretty great!
foaming face wash makeup remover


The Verdict

There are a lot of nutritional and moisturizing ingredients in this cleanser which is awesome and nothing that I’m use to.  Every time I use it my skin feels totally clean and not at all stripped of moisture. And yes I can attest to the fact that it removes makeup amazingly! Even mascara!

Another thing I noticed is that even though there are no claims for this, I swear my skin feels smoother. I’m so hopeful that it will actually improve the texture of my skin a bit like my beloved Skin Effects cleanser from years ago. That’s a pipe dream to me, but I can dream can’t I! I think possibly it’s slightly and very, very gently clearing away any surface dead skin so that’s another plus.

Lastly the scent of this cleanser is great. It’s sort of familiar and fresh, but not in a highly fragranced sort of way.  I’m so glad I have a cleanser that I’m loving at the moment and I hope you get a chance to try it for yourself! I’m already thinking of going back and re-purchasing the second bottle of this stuff! If you can’t find it anywhere, you can find it here! Dr. Althea Foaming Cleanser and Bubble O2 Mask

If you are having trouble finding this particular foaming face wash, then the Face Shop face wash is also pretty good! I have repeatedly purchased that one after finding Dr. Althea’s one and I do have to say I loved it as well. I sense that I’m going to be on a foaming face wash binge pretty soon.

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