New To Yoga? Top Ten Yoga Songs

What is yoga without yoga music? It feels like such a lifetime ago now since I’ve been to my usual Friday night Hot Yoga studio.  I miss the transformative experience of each 60 minute session. I miss the 105 degree plus heat and the way my body feels in it. I especially miss the yoga class music if you can wrap your head around that. Something about the mixed genre playlists just fuels the soul and each movement in my opinion. From calming meditative music to ambient and electronic deep house, it’s all a part of the experience. So I decided to make the at-home yoga experience easier by putting together my top ten favorite yoga songs.

At-Home Yoga

Obviously since the onset of COVID there has been NO Hot Yoga for me or anyone else for that matter. While Hot Yoga is my preferred style of yoga, in general, yoga can be such a beneficial practice for the body, mind, and soul. I know that a lot of people practice on their own at home and have zoom sessions or instructional YouTube videos that make it possible to do so. I have even been wanting to stay committed to the practice more so than I have been as well. However, sometimes it feels like there’s not quite enough hours in the day even for exercise

Yoga For Self-Care

I mean of course, taking care of your body, mind and soul isn’t just for vanity. It’s essential. What I love about yoga is that aside from the workout and the strength training; it also has the ability to center you mentally. I can’t tell you how dependent my mental state of mind was on those Friday night sessions. I noticed that when I was more centered in my mind, my body just wanted different things. Healthier things.  Less wine, less chocolate, less…crap

Yoga For Busy Women

So if you are a working woman, a busy woman or someone that just doesn’t feel like you have enough time in the day for a full 60 minute yoga session then check out this Beginner Vinyasa Flow Yoga (30 Minutes). It’s the most common flow and easy to follow along with the yoga songs playing along in the background. There, half the battle is over, you have your video now here’s your yoga music playlist. Remember, you are the only person carrying your weight, so take some time to unload each day.


#1 Light by Dr Toast

#2 Always This Late -Odeza

#3 All I Really Need- Vindata ft. Kenzie May

#4 Heart ft. Shallou – OTR 

#5 HAEVN – The Sea

#6 Holocene- Bon Iver.

#7 Hurt Me – Låpsley  

#8 Sun ModelsOdeza

#9The Rope feat. POLIÇA – Lane 8

#10 Just – Lane 8

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  1. Tina

    October 13, 2020

    Great post! Needed to refresh my yoga practice


    October 16, 2020

    this is nice blog post. the yoga is need for us. thanks for sharing this article.

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