6 Major Tips For Curly Girl Summer Care

Before we get into curly girl summer care DO’s, check out these DON’Ts down below! The first step in thriving as a curly hair girl is learning how to take care of your curls. So you’re going to want to make sure you STOP doing these things immediately!


#1 Stop the use of direct heat!
#2 Stop shampooing every day!
#3 Stop using a body towel on your hair!
#4 Stop overloading your scalp and strands with product!

Now for the good stuff, how to take care of curly hair in the summer. Well if you’re reading this post then you’re probably as lost in your curly girl hair summer care routine as most of us are. But don’t worry, I’m going to share some of my best tips and best curly hair products for summer.

You’ve read the don’ts of dealing with your curly hair in the summer, but let’s look at our list of do’s!

How To Take Care of Curly Hair?

Use These Curly Girl Method Steps


Hydrating both internally and externally is key when it comes to your curly hair summer care. Summer weather can be sometimes hot and dry or it can be super humid. The weather can really influence what your curly hair will do and how it will feel. Dryness tends to be a common problem with curly locks and often leaves us feeling like we need to jump in the shower and drench our tresses in water. However, simply staying hydrated internally and keeping your hair hydrated throughout the day is key. My favorite way to do this is by using a fine mist spray bottle. They’re even small enough to take with you. Think of it like watering your plants, when you do they flourish! Hydrating inside and out is the first curly girl method must!


The one thing that people tend to do when it’s super hot out is take a shower. Which is great! Stay clean friends. But, switch up the frequent shampooing with a cowash or a pre-poo treatment! Do not shampoo every time you shower! Give you strands a break from the continuous hair stripping ingredients! Even if you use a sulfate-free shampoo, it can still lead to dry hair if you’re washing your hair often. Cowashing or using a pre-poo treatment will ensure that your scalp is still cleansed but without compromising your strands. My absolute favorite cowash is As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner. Hydration and moisture can make big impacts on your curly hair in the summer.


For starters you’re going to want to ditch your heating tools this summer for obvious reasons. Damage. If you’re trying to remedy your dry, crunchy and lack luster curls this summer, you are going to want to give you hair a break. Heating tools only add additional damage to already dry hair. Next try showering with cooler water. Heat in all forms can cause your hair to be vulnerable even if it’s water. Cold water will not only lock in the moisture, but it will also seal your cuticles and make your hair shinier.


You can easily do this after a cleanse, with either coating your hair with your conditioner, or using a leave-in cream conditioner. Cream products will always work just a little bit better than a spray or liquid leave-in conditioner. My favorite leave-in treatment is this one by Maui Moisture Curl Quench Leave-In Treatment. After I use a leave-in, I will almost always go in with a finishing oil to seal in the moisture. it’s always good to layer your products even if you plan on using a styling product for hold at the end.


This is a great segue into protecting your curly hair from external damage. Making sure to lock in that moisture at the end of your curly hair summer care routine is key! It’s especially important before you deal with environmental factors like UV rays or swimming in chlorine water. You’re going to want to remember to always take precautions when you do spend your days at the beach or by the pool. I love coating my hair with coconut oil right before going for a swim. Chlorine can wreck havoc on curly hair! There are also plenty of UV blocking hair products that are perfect for taking to the beach. I love the COOLA Organic Scalp Spray & Hair Sunscreen.


Everything from the towel we use after a shower to the pillow cases we sleep on can cause damage to your curly hair. Instead of using a body towel to dry off your wet hair, try using a soft t-shirt or a microfiber hair towel instead. This will make a world of difference in not only the health of your curls, but also the fizziness. I also love to sleep on a satin pillow case to be as gentle as possible even when I sleep. Waking up with juicy luscious curls is a game changer, and once you got satin, you won’t go back. I also pack satin pillow cases when I’m away and let me just tell you they feel so luxurious to sleep on. Prevent wrinkles and damage to your hair, need I say more?

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  1. Awesome tips. As a fellow curly girl I stand by all these tips. For the summer specifically I like to focus on protecting my hair.

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