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7 Dreamy Travel-Inspired Fragrances

On Chasin Palm Trees we are big travel inspired dreamers and you’ll always find us with our head in the clouds. That may be as close to a catching a flight as we’ll be getting these days. Don’t worry the days of destination daydreaming haven’t stopped yet. On today’s post we’re checking out 7 Dreamy Travel-Inspired Fragrances to keep you wanderlusting.

The Power of Perfume

If you’re an ardent lover of perfume yourself, then you know the power that lies in a fragrance. It’s often a finishing touch to an outfit that completes the way we identify ourselves. However, perfume and fragrance in general are not one-size-fits-all and a look into perfume vanity trays can tell us a lot about a person. These days you can in fact match your energy, personality, and mood to a fragrance and the options are endless. Fragrances vary and they speak to the individual and intimate part of ourselves.

Fragrances For Every Need

Perfume packaging and aesthetic have also been adorned along many a perfume vanity tray for decades. The perfume display has long since been a marker of feminine energy, but also individual aesthetic.

Perfume has the ability to transform our moods and impress those around us. It has the power to make us feel more confidant and attractive and sometimes even powerful!

Travel-Inspired Fragrances

More importantly  perhaps is perfume’s ability to evoke memories that stir our emotions. Even powerful enough to transport ourselves to a destination far away. The sense of smell is one of the strongest senses that we have which can not only conjure up images of distant destinations, but it can inspire our imagination!

So whether you’re looking to reminisce over past travels or looking for the perfect beauty gift, we’ve got just the fragrance for you! Today we’ve put together a list of 7 captivating fragrances that make the best gift for a world traveler.

1. 19-69 Capri Eau de Parfum

We’ll begin with a favorite Italian destination. If you’ve never experienced the paradisiacal Italian island off the coast of Naples, then now’s a great time to try out 19-69 Capri. A quick boat ride across the Bay of Naples in the south of Italy, Capri is as captivating a seaside town as the gorgeous sea that surrounds this little Italian island. 

With awe-inspiring vistas and fresh ozonic air, not to mention the chic boutiques and restaurants–it’s no wonder Capri has been a popular destination for many people. The makers of 19-69 captivate the fresh and airy, but fragrant atmosphere of the island. With notes of bitter orange, sweet orange, cardamom, pink pepper and ylang ylang just to name a few, you’ll easily find yourself dreaming of your own Italian vacation.


We don’t have to give this travel-inspired fragrance away, it’s name already did! Paris instantly evokes enchanting images of glamour and romance. It remans one of the most beloved cities in the world for reasons that could fill a book! 

Perhaps it’s the glitz and glam of the metropolitan city, the cobblestone streets, the flower markets, the Eiffel tower, the museums, the art…you get the picture. If all of that wasn’t enough to make you want to book a one way trip to Paris, France then YSL’s Paris will! Described as ultra feminine and exquisitely refined, Yves Saint Laurent gives us there rendition of Paris in a bottle that seems all too fitting.

3. Eau De Parfum by Kai

Captivated by childhood vacations in Hawaii, the maker of Kai somehow manages to encapsulate her memories of the island into one of the most stunning fragrances to ever come across. Without even a shadow of a doubt, the travel-inspired fragrance is total tropical paradise in a bottle. 

Bursting with an exotic bouquet of florals and white gardenia, you will be instantly be transported to an island getaway that will only leave you wanting more.

4. Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne

It isn’t always the easiest to capture the ambient scent of a place. Somehow fragrance house Jo Malone London does it beautifully. Earl grey tea with a hint of bergamot will always remind me of London and traditional English tea. 

Earl grey has always been such a comforting, but fragrant tea. Jo Malone’s Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne is a playful take on the calming scent of early grey and the crisp freshness of cucumber. The scent is light and fresh, but memorable nonetheless.

5. Gallivant Tokyo Eau De Parfum

Inspired by the quiet early morning charm before the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, the maker of this fragrance packed years of travel to Tokyo into a beautiful fragrant memory. Interestingly enough while Tokyo itself is often characterized by a fast paced, uber tech, skyscraper surrounding atmosphere, the feeling encapsulated in Gallivant Tokyo is the complete opposite. 

With citrusy notes of yuzu and bergamot and complex notes of patchouli, amber, cedarwood and even wasabi to name a few–the composition is beautiful and uniquely juxtaposed. This is one travel-inspired fragrance that will leave you dreaming of those early morning hours before the city awakens.

6. Agonist Solaris

If there is one fragrance that takes the cake for atmospheric fragrance cues, it has to be Solaris by Agonist. No one is more equipped to better convey the magic of nature than the Nordic countries.

 Nature quite literally plays a major role in lifestyle and everyday life so it would seem apropos for this Swedish perfume house to create a fragrance that resonates with the experience of being in nature. If you’ve ever dreamt of experience a Nordic summer, now you can!

7. Arabian Oud Eau de Parfum – Lumira

If you’ve ever caught yourself fantasizing about Arabian nights after Sex And The City 2 it’s understandable. For centuries the Middle East has been center of exotic beauty and mystical inspiration. Far beyond just fantastical, the Middle East is an entire world in itself of enchanting fragrant elements. 

From spices to fragrant oils, there’s no place closer to the art of fragrance, then the process of creating fragrance in the Middle East. Oud continues to be one of the most popular fragrances to capture the enigmatic aroma and Lumira does a beautiful job of creating this travel-inspired fragrance.

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