Your At Home Self-Care Beauty Tips

It wasn’t really until the age of influencers that self-care beauty maintenance or self-maintenance really became a thing. Today we’re sharing some at home self-care beauty tips that you’re going to want to take up today!

If you follow beauty influencers, it’s often referred to as their selfmaintenance routine. It’s a beauty regimen that is much like a spa day and that sounds fabulous if you ask me! These are also beauty practices we can all do quite regularly and probably already do. However, if you’re looking to elevate your external self with a self-care beauty maintenance routine that doesn’t require you to spend hundreds of dollars, then this is a great one to put into practice!

What better time to show ourselves a little bit of TLC then now when a lot of us are still spending most of our week working from home. And even if you aren’t working from home, maybe you want to beautify yourself a bit before a trip or before getting back into the social scene. I’m very much someone who believes in a daily or regular routine to get the results your looking for or trying to maintain. I think many beauty treatments can be done at home so let’s dive right in! Here’s a self-care beauty checklist of low maintenance beauty treatments that you can do at home.


Is the process of using a dermablade to clean the surface of your skin. The benefits of dermaplaning is that it gets rid of any peach fuzz on the skin while simultaneously exfoliating your face. It’s very low maintenance and makes your face a wonderful smooth base for skin care and makeup. It’s not nearly as scary as it sounds, but of course always use a clean dermablade and be careful not to nick yourself.

Spa Sciences Sima Electric Dermaplaning Tool $29.99

Eyelash / Brow Growth Treaments

There are plenty of oils you can use at home to grow full thick healthy lashes and brows. Personally I often use castor oil or coconut oil and typically at the end of my nighttime skin care routine. Lightly dab the tiniest amount of castor oil onto your lash bed and brows before going to bed. There are some notable brands as well that are hot on the market with their ability to grow lashes and brows. Vegamour do great vegan eyelash and brow growth The Lash Bond is another highly rated product.

The Lash Bond $24.99

Hair Treatments

I am a big fan of a deep conditioning hair treatment whenever I can get it. For someone who has naturally curly hair that often feels dry, a deep conditioning treatment is my best friend and sometimes I’ll do it two times a week. My one of choice is the HASK Repairing Sulfate-Free Deep Conditioner with Argan Oil. Another hair treatment I love doing is a hot oil treatment to repair dead ends. I often will take some coconut and olive oil mix them together and carefully heat them up and use. I also love the VO5 Hot Oil Treatment years later still. It always gets the job done!

HASK Repairing Sulfate-Free Deep Conditioner with Argan Oil from Morocco, 1.75 oz $1.77

Facial Treatments

I also am a big believer in creating a simple but effective daily skin care routine which I believe is the best dull skin treatment. Dull, dry and textured skin often is a result of clogged and dehydrated skin at least speaking from my own experience. I believe in using a deep cleansing facial wash daily. I think with all of the pollutants in the air and in our environment it’s very easy to get blockage and clogged pores. Since it’s not really feasible to hit the spa for a deep pore facial every day, it is possible to minimize the appearance with a daily routine. I love this Power Cleanse Duo by Dermalogica.

Dermalogica Power Cleanse Duo $19.00

Lymphatic drainage was a term I heard a few years back and since then have always made an effort to incorporate some method of that in my daily skin care routine. Not only is this technique important for lymphatic drainage but it also helps to depuff your face and is a great face message for glowing skin. I love using a jade roller or gua sha every morning and every night.

Jade Roller & Gua Sha $15.99

Lastly face sculpting is the latest craze and for good reason! With small but measured results, you can give yourself a natural facelift over time all from the comfort of your home. The NuFace is probably one of the hottest beauty tools out there today and they even came out with a mini NuFace perfect for when your out of town.

NuFace Trinity Advanced Facial Toning Device $263.08

Nail Care Treatment

Nothing says manicured and polished like a fresh mani/pedi treatment. With an at home nail kit you won’t have to wait until you are on your last nail, to go treat your nails. When I see a woman with a fresh mani/pedi I always think she’s got it together. So why not give yourself that special treatment whenever you need it! The Atralife Nail polisher Electric Manicure Pedicure Kit is a great solution for all of your manicure/pedicure needs.

Atralife Nail polisher Electric Manicure Pedicure Kit $19.24

I love apply cuticle oil to my nail bed as well, it’s been a well loved secret for many and makes a healthy environment for nail growth while keeping hang nails at bay. I love this one by French Girl Organics.

Nail and Cuticle Oil $24.00

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