There are so many reasons to support black owned businesses. For starters it’s an actionable way to stand in solidarity with the black community. It takes a joint effort to be able to make real changes for a community especially to one facing ongoing injustices and inequality as we’ve all seen. Where we spend our money has all the ability to bring so much positivity to a community often discriminated against. In honor of Juneteenth, I want to post as much as I can this week supporting black business in different industries. Today I’ll focus on a few beauty brands I’m excited to try and have already ordered from last week.

Nourishing & Natural Skin Care

Since I’m a bit of a skin care junkie, I’ll start with a black owned skin care brand that just screams my name. Beneath You Mask is the brainchild of Dana Jackson, a woman who took total control over her health struggles and opted for a healthier lifestyle. Her skin care products not only look luxious as hell, but they are also packed full of natural ingredients that I can only imagine make you feel good about using. I took some time to peruse the online store, give it a look! I already know that Remedy Conditioning Lip Balm is going to go everywhere with me! Beneath Your Mask looks so chic I’m just drooling. Can’t wait for my order to come in!

Remedy Conditioning Lip Balm

Cosmetics with Melanin In Mind

From nude shade lipsticks for medium to darker skin tones, to eye shadow pallets, brow pencils and blush Mented Cosmetics is a force to be reckoned with in the makeup world. Just from the initial look of their collection of makeup online, I’d say it’s probably comparable to Sleek Makeup, Makeup Revolution or even M.A.C. perhaps? I love how subdued and soft the color pallets are for some of us who just want to look like ourselves, but better! I’m excited to explore even more of their products and can’t wait to try the nude shades of lipstick. I could literally shop for a full face on here because they actually carry shades for me!

Summer Semi-Matte Lip Shades

Hair Care For The Active Woman

This next brand I am so incredibly excited about and can’t wait for my order to come! What stands out to me the most about Sunday II Sunday is that they make products for active women and women on the go which is awesome! Is that not what I blog about by the way?? I mean I’m someone that spent most of my adult life out of a weekend bag, that’s practically my lifestyle in nutshell. It’s also nice to be able to have a product for after workouts at the gym or hot yoga…post COVID. This is hair care that feels like it was made for me and I’m so excited to have come across them!


There’s a wealth of beauty brands to look out for trust me there are so many gems that we just don’t have the luxury of seeing everyday! Go explore some of those brands on my post The Ultimate List of Black Owned Businesses.

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  1. hailey

    June 16, 2020

    Thank you for your post. We need to know whats in our neighborhoods and also online that we can support. The Marathon Continues!

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