Mejuri Fine Jewelry Made For The Everyday Woman

Investing In Myself

I don’t know if anyone else can relate, but for the past year I have been experiencing a real transition into my personal sense of style. What I mean is that for the first time in a long time I feel myself making more conscious choices about what I wear and where I spend my money. It’s as though I have been moving away from the sort of absentminded shopper mentality and into a more thoughtful investor in myself. With that being said, as I continue to build quality in my closet, the same goes for my jewelry collection. What I was searching for was fine jewelry I could wear everyday. Luckily Mejuri came into my life just at the right time.

Mejuri box branding High Quality Is The New Trend

For the longest time, costume jewelry was all I knew. In my mind, luxury jewelry was out of my reach as far I was concerned.  I didn’t want to spend beacoup-de-cash just to be able to put my hands on something substantial. I didn’t even know what it was that I was looking for.  Do I want something bold, something understated? Gold? Silver? The amount of jewelery brands and styles out there is a bit overwhelming for me if I’m honest. Luckily so many brands have been making luxury jewelry quite accessible for the everyday woman. Even more so, I find myself looking for more meaningful pieces within them.

Lucky for me, one of those brands came my way and it totally changed the way I look at jewelry! If you aren’t familiar with Mejuri by now, then I have to say you haven’t been very observant. Not only do Mejuri design such stunning minimalist pieces, but they break the notion that special pieces of jewelry are only meant for momentous  occasions. They make it so that the everyday woman can choose from a selection of styles at a fair price.

 What I love the most about Mejuri is that they produce everything in small quantities the way a traditional jeweler would so you can be assured there is nothing less than high quality in the production of these pieces. I love the mantra that their jewelry is “designed for the golden days ahead because that is truly what I believe in, not waiting for something special to feel that every bit special. If you like these pieces I styled down below than be sure to check the site out!

Woman wearing gold moon necklace Woman wearing gold mejuri bold link chain bracelet

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  1. They look very well! I really believe that every jewelry we wear, are somehow highlighting and telling about us. And why not do that with an elegance? 🙂 

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