5 Ways To Get Your Glow On The Go

One thing skin care and wellness have in common is glow glow glow! We all know how getting your daily dose of nutrients is essential to your glow and your health as a woman. However, it isn’t always the easiest to maintain a well-balanced diet when life is super busy. And if you didn’t already know, wellness and beauty go hand and hand. So here are some ways you can maintain that healthy glow on the go and it starts from within!

Speaking from the point of view of someone who likes to try and subscribe to the ketogenic diet from time to time, I know that I am not always getting what I need for my body to thrive. It’s important for me to make sure that no matter how busy I am, I am always putting health at the forefront. With that said, being able to get my glow on the go is equally important! I like knowing that no matter how busy I get, there are ways for me to incorporate health in my day to day.

While I do dabble in a ketogenic diet, I mainly try to stick to a low carb lifestyle as much as possible. Consuming protein and veggies feels easy enough, but still I know that my body needs more on a daily basis. Making sure that you are doing what you can to get as many basic nutrients in your body is incredibly crucial to your overall wellness both inside and outside. Hopefully today’s blog post will give you some ideas and options for getting your nutrients in when you just don’t have the time to eat a well balanced nutrition rich meal. Getting your glow on the go is easier than you think!

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#1 Healthy Eating Daily

Unfortunately there is absolutely no substitute for a balanced diet. So let’s just rip that band-aid right off. The most ideal solution to getting in your essential nutrients would be to consume a healthy diet full of nutritional value. That means that you’re going to want to incorporate the five food groups into your diet daily.

The five food groups include fruits, vegetables, protein, grains and dairy. Obviously you you can find substitutes for dairy if you are a vegan. Just make sure that you find products or foods high in calcium.

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#2 Smoothie Supplements

I am a big fan of morning smoothies. It’s one way I try to maintain a healthy body throughout the work week. It is also one of the easiest ways to consume my superfoods because as weird as it sounds, I usually don’t want to make a breakfast meal during the week. A smoothie that includes my supplements will take me a few minutes tops and I can easily whip one up during my morning work break.

Currently I’m using Navitas Organics Superfood+ Greens Blend . Check out 3 Uber Healthy Low Carb Superfood Juices + Smoothies for some healthy delicious recipes!

#3 Sakara Super Bar

What better way to sneak in some glow on the go then with this delicious collection of yummy bars! While the collection includes detox, beauty, and energy bars the ingredients are nothing short of amazing. Apparently the beauty bar is packed with ingredients that are clinically shown to improve skin’s radiance, tone and texture. I mean that is pretty exciting! Not to mention Sakara is one wellness brand that has been making itself known in the beauty and wellness world.


#3 On The Go Smoothie Packs

Perhaps you’re out and about, haven’t eaten a thing all day and not sure when you’ll have a moment to sit down even! Well luckily 2021 is full of creative and convenient solutions for your busy lifestyle. It isn’t such a bad idea to have these on-the-go smoothies on deck especially with flavors like Blueberry / Beet and Banana / Cocoa. The best part about NOKA superfood smoothies on the go is that they don’t need to be refrigerated!

Shop NOKA On-The-Go Smoothies

#4 Superfood Gummies

Who here likes swallowing horse pills. I for one do not, but I do it. While they don’t make adult gummies for everything, they do in fact make gummies to help you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

I really love the Nature’s Way, Alive! Super Fruits Complete Multi, Women’s, Pomegranate Berry.

#5 Effervescent Tablets

And last but not least, for a super quick and innovative way to get those important nutrients in, I love to pop some effervescent tablets in my bag. Back in the day when I use to travel, I use to make sure to always have these available on the go. You just pop one into your bottle of water and voila-health! I just love how refreshing they can be and there are plenty of options and flavors available as well!

Check out 8Greens Effervescent Tablets

14 thoughts on “5 Ways To Get Your Glow On The Go

  1. Great post, I need to incorporate more smoothies in my diet, I’m going to start making smoothies for my three year old. I already take a multi liquid vitamin.thay is equivalent to eating ten salads, I’m glad I’m incorporating some healthy habits in my diet.

  2. I for sure try to get my at least one smoothie a day going to make sure I get some nutrients in.I haven’t looked into effervescent tablets before! I will have to see what these tablets are about!

    1. That’s great! Yes I’ve used the tablets usually during travel but since I’m not doing that lately they’re still great to carry in your purse 🙂

  3. Great suggestions, I follow a vegan diet so ours are probably very different but I totally agree that it’s important to get your vitamins in and try to keep your diet as balanced as possible. And supplements really help! x


    1. Thanks hopefully in the future I can get more into a vegan diet, I’m slowly trying to make some changes here and there where I can!

  4. Smoothies are the best for sneaking a little bit of everything into one sitting! I love loading mine up with leafy greens and berries! As I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to just appreciate eating fruits and veggies so much more!

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