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3 Years Of Blogging & Lessons I Learned

It’s officially been three years since I’ve started my blog and I can’t believe it! The fact that I’ve managed to maintain my blog for this long is surprising to me! In the past I definitely have been guilty of finding a new passion for something and then losing interest in it just as quickly. However it’s been enjoyable for me to post week after week. I can really appreciate not only the development of my blog over the years, but also how I find myself evolving the blog. So I thought I’d share a little appreciation post of what I’ve experienced thus far blogging and where I plan on going with it.

What The Blog?

Blogging has been around since the 90s and predated the whole social media influencer. I never really thought much about it to be honest. Back in the day I equated blogs to some sort of online diary. Don’t get me wrong, I had a Blogger account and that was something that totally got my creative juices going. I think I even posted poetry at one point. I definitely had an awareness that an online community existed. Years passed by and I never revisited it. Now that my blog Chasin Palm Trees is three years old, I definitely had to ask myself what made me start over.

I feel that as people we do things that are quite natural to ourselves in whatever capacity feels comfortable. Sometimes the passions that drive us aren’t immediately discernible. Take writing for instance, I never considered myself to be anything more than an amateur writer, but I have always enjoyed it my whole life. I never thought of myself as wanting to be a blogger either, but I’ve loved publishing posts that allow me to relate and connect with others online. Those things felt easy and natural.

So Why Start A Blog?

As a perpetual weekend warrior and wanderluster since college, I became really accustomed to always having my bags packed and ready to go! Drives around Los Angeles with my head out the window amidst all the palm trees gave me notions of destinations far and wide. I figured I was pretty skillful as a resourceful, minimalist and effective packer, be it for the weekends away or trips abroad, so why not share tips?

I was already a lover of all sorts of blogs and online publications so the idea of starting my own entertained me. Chasin Palm Trees came about as an outlet for me to share some travel stories, tips and tricks for that girl that I was, a girl on the go (cue the jet-set babe).

What I Learned From Blogging

As my own personal development unfolded before me I realized that I could probably offer more than than just a blog about traveling and what the best toiletries were to pack. I admired other bloggers for their ability to add value to content and that made me think differently about things. Like a lot of people out there I’m a working woman looking to create the future and life I always envisioned. Onward and upwards was the lifestyle I told myself I was subscribing to. So why not share some helpful posts on this journey to being my best self in every way possible!

My blog now runs the gamut of topics from health and wellness, to fitness and low-carb recipes, beauty, personal finance, blogging and much more. I believe there are a lot of women like me that are busy trying to make things happen for themselves and sort of just want the gist of it all you know? Easy and quick recipes, the perfect YouTube videos for working out at home, skin care product reviews, versatile outfits, blogging tips, etc.

My blog is my way to help other women who are on their way to becoming their best self. I didn’t always know what my niche was here, but I realize now it’s my desire to elevate myself and others. I’ve loved seeing people respond to my posts and I’m hoping to grow a tribe of readers headed in one direction only, the up and up!

24 thoughts on “3 Years Of Blogging & Lessons I Learned

  1. Thanks for the share I’m new to blogging…but also old to it? Lol! I started two other blogs a few years ago but got busy with little ones. Now I have more time and feel like it’s definitely something that calls to me.

  2. It seems like we have something in common. Before I started blogging I journaled alot. I too love helping other women to be confident. Blogging is a great way to help others and it helps you to build an audience that wants to hear what you have to say. I love it.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!

    I’ve only been going for 1 year, and been super inconsistent. Its nice to hear some insight from someone whose been going that long!

    1. I started with many posts one right after the other then I had roadblock for a while so don’t worry it’s a different process for everyone keep at it!

  4. Those are some great lessons there, and adding value to our readers’ lives is really the goal here. Couldn’t agree more on that. Wishing you many more years in the blogosphere to come! Btw I love the look of your site.

  5. I’ve also been blogging for just over three years so I can relate to a lot of things you mentioned in this post. I always think it’s crazy how much the industry has changed in only 3 years. I swear when I started out ‘influencers’ really weren’t a thing, and now 3 years later blogging is a legitimate job – it’s both crazy and amazing!

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